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Probably you were looking for help about this function, *, debug=None)
The is a Python function used to run a coroutine in an event loop. This function creates an event loop, runs the coroutine in the event loop, and finally closes the event loop when the coroutine is complete.
Note: should only be used once in a program and is intended as a convenient function to run asynchronous functions in a simple, single-threaded manner. For more advanced usage and control over the event loop, use asyncio.run_until_complete() and asyncio.get_event_loop() instead.
  • coro (coroutine) – The coroutine to run.
  • debug (bool) – If set to True, it will enable the debug mode for the asyncio event loop.
Return type
This function does not return any value.
  • ValueError – If the event loop is already running in the same thread.

import asyncio

async def main():
    print("Hello, World!")

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